iKnow Glass and Aluminium endeavours to strive for a standard that exceeds public expectations and to do this we have standard trading terms and policies; everything from product warranties, lead times, payment terms and operational concerns.  We do our best to give you the best.
Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Are our quotes free of charge?

A:  Yes, provided the client is in our area of service.

Q:  Do you service all areas?

A:  No, we can not be in all places, but we do cover an approximately 50klms radius around Wollongong.  For a comprehensive list of suburbs, refer to our contacts page.

Q:  What are your lead times for products and services?

A:  Lead times vary from product to product and are stated at the time of your quotation. 

Q:  Are your quote and install appointments flexible?

A:  Yes, conditionally.  Appointments are always made for quotes with a focus on the busy lifestyles of our clients and given that time allowed is generally not long.  With installs however, the time needed can be substantially longer and thus a more business hours approach is adopted.

Q:  Do you require a deposit?

A:  Yes, a 50% deposit is required for any job valued over $500.00

Shower Screens & Wardrobe doors:

Q:  How long after install can I use my new shower screen?

A:  Usually, a period of 24 hours is required post installation before the shower can be used as the sealant needs this time to cure properly.

Q:  Do you offer a warranty on the shower screen?

A:  Yes, the installation and the product is subject to a full service 12 month warranty.  This includes but not limited to any adjustments post install as the screens settles.

Q:  Is my shower screen supposed to leak?

A:  In some isolated cases small leaks can appear around the base of the screen as the sealant cures and shrinks slightly but this rare; a quick visit to reapply a small amount of sealant will arrest this.  In terms of water escaping the screen, it is a bit of a case by case basis as different models have different water retention abilities.  A frameless for instance has small gaps between the panels that water might escape, but in general showering behaviour this isn't a big problem; fully framed shower screens offer the best water retention.

Security Screens & Doors:

Q:  Do you offer a warranty on the security screens and doors?

A:  Yes, your install is covered by a full service 12 month warranty while the product is subject to Prowler Proof's market leading 10 year full replacement warranty.

Q:  I am having trouble locking and unlocking my door.

A:  From time to time there may be some lock issues that arise but they are rare, more often it does come down to a case of either the locks are being used outside of designed parameters or house movement.  A run through of lock operation over the phone or a revisit and adjustment are both quick and easy to arrest the issues.

Q:  How do I maintain my new security screens and doors?

A:  A rigorous cleaning regime is not required.  Gentle maintenance with dusting and wiping with mild detergent is all that is required.  Watch the video.

Aluminium Windows & Doors:

Q:  Do you offer a warranty on the windows and doors?

A:  Yes, again your install is covered by a full service 12 month warranty and the product is subject to a 7 year warranty.

Q:  Are my windows supposed to leak?

A:  No, during normal weather instances the windows and doors should not leak, however during severe storms with high wind conditions may be greater than what the window and door were designed to withstand and some water penetration may occur.

Decorative Glass & Mirrors:

Q:  Do I have to use safety mirrors in my bathroom?

A:  Yes, it is an Australian Standards requirement.  There are exceptions, but that is best discussed over a site inspection.

Q:  Do I have to use safety glass in my kitchen?

A:  While it is only required for the glass directly behind the stove top it is a recommendation that toughened glass be used throughout as it will stand the test of time exponentially better than standard float glass.

Q:  How do I keep my mirrors clean?

A:  For best results, any streak free cleaner works well or 70/30 mix of Methylated spirits/water.

Q:  Do the tiles need to be removed prior to the new splashback installation?

A:  Ideally yes, if the glass is installed over the old tiles then the bond will only be as good as the old tiles.

Q:  Do you remove the tiles?

A:  No.